Hawaiian Sea Salt - Hawaii

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Kilauea Black Sea Salt & Vanilla Orchid

The Hawai'I Bath ius a blend of Kilauea Black Sea Salt, organic kava powder, activated charcoal powder, vanilla extract, essential oils of rosewood, cinnamon, clove, petitgrain, lavender, and the soft scent of vanilla orchids

Key Benefits

Activated charcoal has been known to relieve sunburn, increase circulation and detoxify the body. Kava has long been used as a muscle relaxant and sedative. This bath soothes and stabilizes the mind promoting a feeling of balance.

Hawaiian Ala’ea sea salt, Organic Hawaiian Green Papaya, Organic carica papaya extract (Green Papaya) Extract, organic ananas comosus extract (Pineapple) Extract, essential oil blend, Green 5, Yellow 5, and tropical fragrance.